Come See What The Workshops Are All About, This Sunday!

Storytelling Workshops for Children Ages 4-7 Years!
ToffeeTellers’ Hira and Hamza will be leading their own workshop sessions so you can choose which “teacher” you want your kids to sign up with! Hira will conduct her class while Hamza will lead his young students in a separate class!
The 2-month training will be followed by a performance during a ToffeeTV Kahaani Time prepared by each batch!

2 Different Courses for the Bawarchikhana Workshops You Can Register For!
(Please note both courses will be conducted once a week)

3-Months Course
The 3-Month Course will take Jr. Chefs through techniques of Confectionery Decoration with Fondant and Chocolate & Truffle-Making.

1-Month Course

Have your youngsters come and sharpen their fondant decoration skills in each class during the 1-Month program.
Join us this Sunday, August 18th anytime from 330pm to 5pm and come and  see what kind of stuff we’ll be doing. Your kids can come and get a taste of the Bawarchikhana class in a fun, short activity! If they enjoy the activity, you can register right there!

But if you are planning on attending, please let us know ahead of time so we know how much fondant and tool to bring! So call up at 02135888017 and let us know! Oh – do let us know because we DO need to explain the directions to you!