Sign up for a ToffeeTV Club Card and get access to ALL ToffeeTV events, the ones we do at other venues AND the ones we conduct exclusively at our Studios!

You can register your child/children’s details at: Once you have done so, please send across your child/children’s photographs to Once we have both things, we can generate their Membership Cards. Let us know which session you will be attending and you can pay for the card and collect them together!

Once again, here are the benefits you get with the ToffeeTV Club Card:

  • By signing up for a ToffeeTV Club Card, show the card at each ToffeeTV Kahaani Time (entrance fees applies at the venue) and get your card stamped.
  • After every 5 stamps, you become eligible for a free Activity session at the ToffeeTV Studios.
  • You can get 10% discounts on all ToffeeTV Treats (merchandise) which you purchase directly from us. Simply show the card to avail the discount!

How much is a Club Card for?
There is a one-time fee of Rs.500 for the card (per child). Once the card gets filled with stamps, you’ll start getting eligible for an Activity Session, and renew the card (renewal fee is Rs.500).

What else?
ToffeeTV will be holding Kahaani Sessions (entrance fees for the events still applies) at our ToffeeTV Factory in DHA, Phase 2 Ext through the Summer! These will not be publicly announced and ONLY promoted through our mailing list and to the ToffeeTV Club Members. 

For more information call on (021)35888017 or 0332-3086860 for any queries!
Hope to hear from you soon!


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