Looking for a fun way to teach your children about Pakistan Day? Join the ToffeeTV team at the Mohatta Palace for the ToffeeTV Treasure Hunt! We’re putting clues around the Mohatta Palace gardens which you and your children (ages 6 and up) will have to look for. Once you find them, the teams will then work together to put main features of the Lahore Resolution up on the board we have set up.

And then, we’ve got the eloquent author, orator, former senator and minister, Javed Jabbar, as our guest storyteller, who will share a story about the history of Pakistan that you simply won’t find in any school textbook!

Come and learn with us! Remember, it’s Friday, March 22nd from 5-6pm at the Mohatta Palace! (We begin and end the session on time!)

You can read more details here
See you then!