Here’s a wonderful story that our mentor, Wasima Husain, narrated for us. A story that talks about just how long it takes to create greenery and a place where plant life and animals can call home. The story, originally published by The Book Group in Pakistan, talks about how the harsh and lonely world of a lonely mountain was changed by a little bird and her efforts to change his surroundings.

How do you work with your children and young siblings to teach them how to take better care of their surroundings?

A special thank you to Mrs. Wasima Husain for sharing her favorite story with us and for allowing us to bring it to life.

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  1. nava ciro

    I am learning urdu and I find this web site very interesting. I am asking if it is ever possible to have the text in urdu so it will help me learn better and quickly.
    Thanks a lot

    Nava Ciro

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