Saturday March 9th, the ToffeeTV Team gathered at the Mohatta Palace for their second Kahaani Time. Though a very hot day, the shade that the open gardens of the Mohatta Palace offer, decrease the temperature by at least a few degrees. Tension in the recent days around the city and country gave parents an opportunity to enjoy some Urdu Storytelling sessions in the open air, and the scheduled session gave them exactly that.

A combination of several ToffeeTellers provided a packed audience, 1.25 hours worth of entertainment. Starting off with Rumana Husain, moving onto Hira Ilyas Bawahab and Hamza Lari with their version of Mulla Nasruddin’s Banmaanas ki Kahaani. And then Umair Naeem narrated his story of Eeman and the Magic Pencil, with ToffeeTV’s Talea Zafar make live Balloon Animals as each character of the story was being described.

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