There was a time when community clubs were popular. When residents from nearby neighborhoods would gather with their children and elders to exchange news and make plans. Get together for no real reason and just have some fun time in the outdoors.

That doesn’t happen anymore. Just like we fear losing out on our language and our stories, we are also losing out on the time communities are willing to share with one another. And that’s why we were so thrilled to accept the invitation to conduct a ToffeeTV session at the Union Cooperative Club in the Hill Park area in Karachi.

A handful of families came and we all sat together on the floor. -What energy and what beautiful smiles! Here are some photographs from the Kahaani and the group SingSong! We love gatherings where we enjoy as much as the children who enjoy as much as their parents! It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Shakil Aslam sahib for his cool-headed coordination in making the gathering possible. Every event needs an inspiration and for the great time we had at the Union Cooperative Club, Shakil sahib was ours.

Click here to see the photographs!