Mrs. Haque’s Nursery has been a household name when it comes to parents looking around for a pre-school for their toddlers. And it’s no surprise that the pre-school that was established back in 1977, has gradually expanded into an impressive academic facility that goes up until the O’Levels.

When some of the administrators of the school attended one of our ToffeeTV Sessions which we conduct at T2F, they invited us to The Haque Academy and we were over the moon! Having the opportunity to teach crafts and sing songs with 60 students from Class 3 was tremendous amounts of fun because the children were so enthusiastic. And that’s what we like about ToffeeTV – it keeps children and teachers and parents, smiling and excited about doing activities that also reinforce terminology in the Urdu language. As the Three Bears would say, the Urdu interaction is “not too much, not too little.. it’s just right!”

This level of kids are very fond of cartoons, which is why Talea Zafar, ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator, taught the group about the concept behind 2-frame animation and they made their own birds fly! Pretty amazing when you consider that some of the kids knew about flipbooks and terms such as ‘frames’ and ‘cells’.

And then we had the singalong session, which took the group no time to learn. Since they were so familiar with the English versions of the rhymes, they were really enthusiastic about the Urdu versions. It was generally a great deal of fun!

It’s an absolute treat when you combine fun activities and are able to get a disciplined group of young kids to interact with. There’s no feeling to replace the one that yells out “fun” as when you see the smiles and hear the giggles coming your way.

Thank you, Haque Academy for having us over at your school! We loved it and we sincerely hope so did you!

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