In case you haven’t figured it out already, we absolutely love the sessions we host at T2F every alternate Sunday. This past weekend was no exception. Some new faces mix in with some of the regular ones and we have ourselves a fun group of parents and children who are eager to participate in our storytelling and fun activities.

We started November 18th’s session with Mrs. Wasima Husain recounting some stories and incidents of Allama Iqbal. Since we celebrate November 9th as Iqbal Day, we thought it was important to keep him as part of our session. The children loved it because Mrs. Husain didn’t just read a piece – she explained his personality in a way that children could relate to it. And that’s really important. After all, how will our young children be able to understand Iqbal and other role models, if they don’t understand them or relate to them?

Then of course we had Hira Ilyas Bawahab perform a story called, “Kya Mei Aap Ki Mehmaan Bann Sakti Hoon?” which is a real cute story that has a moral of cleanliness in it.  It’s about Zara who has lice (Ju) in her hair and how her teacher and mother works with her to help keep her hair clean. Sounds almost icky, but the acting, narrative and interaction by Hira, always manages to get the message across to the children in a very effective manner.

And then we had our game time, where Talea Zafar, ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator, had storybook titles in little chits, and helped the audience through rounds of “Show and Tell”. Loads of fun and tons of learning!!

Finally, we rounded the afternoon off with some fun songs and in addition to the crowd favorites, we taught the group a new song we wrote out called Gol!!

If you’d like to see the photographs from the event, you can do so by clicking here!

Thank you once again to the parents, children and friends who came to the event and who keep helping to spread the word about ToffeeTV! Remember, you can view all the content online on our website, download apps for your Nokia or iPhone/iPad! You can also order ToffeeTV merchandise online at Tohfay Mall!

See you again at T2F on December 2nd, Inshallah! Stay tuned to our Facebook fanpage for details and updates about the event and so much more that’s happened here at ToffeeTV!!