Join ToffeeTV on Sunday December 2, 2012 from 12pm to 130pm for a Kahaani Time at T2F! Our Toffeeteller, Fawad Khan will act out a wonderful children’s story, followed by ToffeeTellers Hira Ilyas Bawahab and Hamza Lari presenting some spooky Urdu theater for your children. Talea Zafar returns with a fun and interactive Game; followed by a group SingSong activity for everyone!

And we might even have a small recitation by young Umme-Rafia, who has been attending our past several ToffeeTV sessions!

We might also have a short visit by the one-and-only-Marina Khan to talk to the parents and kids about Tanhaiyan! We’ll have the chance to have director and actor Marina jee talk about the experience of continuing on the journey of one of Pakistan Television’s best plays…. along with her thoughts on storytelling!

For address and more event details, be sure and check the Event page on Facebook!