WWF Pakistan has a local initiative called the Green School Program. Schools that are part of this program, make certain environment-friendly commitments and students engage with WWF and their partners, in learning just how to be more responsible citizens of the planet. ToffeeTV recently signed on with WWF Pakistan as a partner and is working with them on just this.

On the 19th of September, 2012, we had our first activity at the Dawood Public School where we worked with children on the importance of recycling paper. Using magazines and newspapers, we taught the children how to make coasters and engaged in an interactive discussion on how this can help to save trees and grow the oxygen around us. We also taught the children a fun song called “Gol” which is about how the circle of life must be preserved because everyone’s actions, benefit or hurt, everyone else. A video of this song will be posted up shortly for your reference also!

We had a great time with the students of the Dawood Public School. Initiatives like these are so incredibly important and ToffeeTV is thrilled to have its chance to play a role in something we feel so strongly about!

If you’d like to view photographs and details about the session, please click here.