Ool Bala is a story written, illustrated and now narrated by Rumana Husain. This is a fantastic children’s story about industrialization, greed and society’s need to have more at the risk of a deteriorating ecosystem around us. Ool Bala has been produced for the web with the consent of the author.

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  1. mrs your story is so good

  2. AMAZING illustrations with such a thought-provoking story, for kids and adults alike! Loved it!

  3. your story is so good and have a great message of kids.

  4. Wow! oolbala is a very interesting name that simply provokes you to watch the story, and it sure is worth watching. Its a nice story with a thoughtprovoking message but the ending of the story lacks few more dialogues or something. illustrations are lovely and truely represent oolbala. great job!

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