The team from dropped by the Toffee Factory and did a wonderful video feature on us! A special thank you for them since their timing coincided with our milestone of crossing 1 million views on our YouTube channel! Here’s the clip they published about us!



  1. Saif Khan

    As salam o Alaikum

    I visited website just a few days ago while i was searching for Urdu cartoons for my 5 years old niece. Its really very interesting website with lots of learning content for kids. Some stories are new and some are those which we used to listen in our childhood, but the way they are sung is really nice. It is very irritating when we see that there is very little Urdu content ion net and even most of it is Hindi where they share their religious stories and spoil the minds of our kids.
    I congratulate your team for their cause and efforts and wish you all the best ahead.
    Saif Kaim Khani

    • Thank you Saif – We really appreciate your comments and the time you have (and will hopefully continue to spend) spent on the site. We have a lot of work to do and are always grateful for the positive feedback. Thank you!

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