We’ve been so thrilled about Taha being ToffeeTV’s first child host, we even invited a young 8-year old named Myra Asad to help record these episodes and “man” the camera! So this episode of Fun-o-Gami is truly a children’s production! In this episode of Fun-O-Gami, Taha teaches you how to make a Cube out of orange and green-colored paper.

Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songsstories and activities for kids!





  1. Good work. Sweet Mashallah 🙂 God bless you Taha.

  2. I love your new shows, did you make them from the book we got you?

    hope you do even more great shows

    your friend


  3. YOU’RE GREAT AT MAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Thanx bobby. I hv learned so many things from the books u gave me. Thanx alot for such a nice gift. Take care
    Miss you alot.

  5. you are one of my best friends

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