Here’s a story taken from the “Meray Dost” series from the BookGroup books, illustrated and re-told by the ToffeeTV Team called Bakri Ki Zidd. The moral of the story here? Treat everyone with love and affection, and they will do what they are told! Check it out!

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  1. Sound effects, specially voice of women is very harsh and not apealing to ears.

    And I realy appriciate the efforts that u have done for our kids

  2. Good,
    I think telling stories is good and its also so when we are visualize the stories with pictures.

    Its good effort and try to do more for good education.


  3. pls cannot see that program continue,

    • Jahangir? Are you getting an error? If you can let us know what issue you are facing, we will try and figure out how to rectify it. As such, there don’t seem to be any problems with the videos on this site.

  4. the story is simple and will be easily understood by young children,the drawings and sound effects are good.However i think the moral could be worded differently.I think what is shown here is that if you speak and act with love and respect people are more likely to listen to you.Rather than do as they are told which sounds manipulative

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