A really simple song to help you count from 1 to 20 in Urdu, forwards and backwards!


Eik, do teen, chaar paanch chhay, saath aatth nau dus gyaaraa baaraa, tera, chauda, pandra sola satra, atthaaraa unneess aur bees;

Bees unneess, atthaaraa, satra sola pandra chuauda tera baaraa gyaaraa, dus nau aatth saath chhay, paanch chaar teen do aur eik

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  1. App logon ko thanks khena chaoon gi. Bohat acha laga app ko dekh kar. Meray liye bohat asani ho ghai hai. Yahan pe reh kar Urdu sikhana bohat mushkal lagta tha.

    • W’salaams Noreela – Thank you! What country are you living in? Please feel free to search through the different Songs, Stories and Activities on this website. Aur hamaaray saath zaroor feedback share ki jiyay ga!

  2. babar Muhammad iftikhar

    this is very good effort but with due respect i think if you show 1 2 3 4 with urdu both in one time that will be better to understand for the childrens and also for the parents. as you know we pretend to be english medium.
    thanks alot.

    • Salaams Babar – Thank you for your comments, but I’m afraid I am not sure what you mean.. Do you think the numbers should come on the screen together?

      Please let us know and we’ll try our best to make the change – Also, try the 10 Green Bottles (English and Urdu) song on this website. Maybe that will give you a better idea? Thank you!

  3. wasima husain

    I love the traditional songswith translation and beautiful music

  4. Uzma Mazhar

    Good programs, much needed for children.

    One suggestion… the age group of the child should be kept in mind… teaching 1-20 is too much for a young child, go from 1-10 only. Go slow, I had a difficult time keeping up with this song.

    Also make your visuals more appealing, always associate them with object… when you show the number 1 have 1 ball with it, with 2 have 2 toys, etc. Children learn better by association.

    Connect with a child psychologist who can help you plan lessons according to child age and ability to comprehend.

  5. hi
    love this beautiful simple song!!!i heard abt this site on a tv show and found it very beautiful.

  6. very nice working
    really impressed, my little champ love to watch these videos

  7. Farzana Salman Ansari

    Another “Superb Outcome” from the Genious Team of Toffee TV.!!!.I suggest the numbers should come/appear in Urdu format(as you have done.Igree with Uzma Mazhar regarding the the targetted/approximate age gruop (Which you can mention in the description of the upload.Also a visual e.g. of one ball, 2 apples etc alongwith the appearing numbers(as suggested by Uzma) is a good idea.
    Any how ,keep up the Great Work/ service you are doing for promoting Urdu!!
    BTW, Iam a granny of 4 grand children (living abroad (age range 3 weeks to 7 yrs.) and they really have started to be familiar to Urdu by your links that I keep forwarding to them!Thanks again!

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