So you know where fairies come from? Well, listen to this urdu lullaby and see what happens!

Lullaby lyrics:

Suraj jab chupp jata hai
Chaand nikal ker aata hai
Shabnum neechay girti hai
Sitaray chham chham kartey hai

Dadi Amma kehti hai
Uss chaand pe pariyan rehti hai

Bachay jab so jaatey hai
Sapnon may kho jaatey hai
Pariyan neechay aati hai
Aa kar per phailati hai

Aaj raat hum naa soyeingey
Chaan ki pariyan dekhangey

Aaj raat hum naa soyeingey
Chaan ki pariyan dekhangey

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  1. !Great project

    BTW it’s
    چاند “پہ” پریاں

    • Thank you, Ramla! Greatly appreciate the appreciation! The spelling of the title and “pey” is from the book that the Lori was published in… We’ll recheck and verify this once more… Many thanks for stopping by ToffeeTV!

  2. Hisham Wasif Khawaja

    love the lyrics, love the voice…. awesome lori

  3. Naweed Mehdi

    beautiful awesome who wrote it is it Jan Nisar Akhter

  4. Very very nice wording….. Loveable….

  5. so nice Lullaby

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