Adapted for ToffeeTV from the book entitled, “Dhanak”, here’s an Urdu song about something crazy!

Song lyrics:

Choohay nein eik billee paali
Billee ney eik sher
Sher beychara pait ka maaraa
Khayey sukhay bair

Bair key gutli per sey eik din
Phisal gaya eik oonth
Oonth ko girta deykh kay murghi
Dauri chaaro khoonth / taraf

Murghi ka baabela sunkey
Hansney lagi eik gayein
Gayein ko hasta dekh ker Bandar
Bola hai ray hai

Animal names you’ll hear in the song include:

  • Chooha (Mouse)
  • Billi (Cat)
  • Sher (Lion)
  • Oonth (Camel)
  • Murghi (Chicken)
  • Gaayein (Cow)
  • Bandar (Monkey)

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