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ToffeeTV’s 8th Birthday

ToffeeTV has been in business for 8 years today! Hoorayy!! We’re super happy to kick off our year with a great team of people without whom, this could not have been possible. We’d like to thank the community from countries near and far, who visit […]

Eid Mubarak !!

Eid is the celebration that follows Ramzan. After a month of fasting, of forsaking food and drink and vices for Allah, the celebration of Eid is a relief for Muslims. It is the completion of an entire ritual that teaches us restraint and also, that […]

Islamic Stories: Ammi Bhai Ko Dekhen

Our lovely narrator Miss Hafiza tells us a story about the importance of time management. In the story, Umair and Saad argue before going to school. The story teaches us that everything should have a set time. This helps us manage our time and our […]

Islamic Stories: Mein Kitni Pyari Hoon

Our wonderful narrator, Mrs Hafiza reads a simple and beautiful story about Hina and Sadia who were really happy and excited on the arrival of their little cousin. In this story Hina and Sadia learnt that everyone should be thankful to Allah for every blessing. […]

Islamic Stories: Daadi Jaan

Our wonderful narrator, Mrs Hafiza reads a simple and beautiful story about the children who are worried about their grandmother’s health. The lesson that Chunno Munno learn in this story is to recite Quranic verses for the speedy recovery of illness. Moreover Allah always listens […]

Islamic Stories: Biryani

Our wonderful narrator, Mrs Hafiza reads a simple and interesting story about children having lunch with their mother and grandmother. The lesson that Hamiz and Umar learn in this episode is the importance of remembering Allah before eating and be thankful to Him for every […]

Saving the Butterflies

Shireen Abdullah is a butterfly conservationist, who has been conserving butterflies for the past 10 years. Shireen stopped by the ToffeeTV Studios to conduct a live-session of how a butterfly is formed. In this session, Shireen tells us about the lifecycle of a butterfly. She […]

Islamic Stories: Picnic Ka Din

Welcome to ToffeeTV’s Islamic Stories Series! Our wonderful narrator, Mrs Hafiza, reads a simple yet sweet story about a family going for a picnic. The lesson that Chunnu and Munnu learn in this episode is the importance of saying a prayer before starting their journey. […]

Giggles with Ziggy Zag – Episode 8

In this episode of Giggles with Ziggy Zag, both the zebras have a lot of jokes to share with you… boy are these guys funny! Zag: Which is the most talkative flower ? Zag: Tulipp because it has two lips Ziggy/Zag: Chatterboxes Zag: what has […]