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  • 5 Tips to Beat the Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Heat!

May 22nd, 2018|Blog, Updates|

It's hot! So hot, you could fry an egg on the open road. But you know what? It's hot for everyone and all God's creatures, so when you think of

5 Health Benefits of Fasting

May 21st, 2018|Blog, Food, Updates|

Allah has created a model of the ideal lifestyle through the Prophet (S.A.W). He has also made fasting obligatory and deemed it as a pillar of Islam because it certain

Celebrating Loved Ones

April 25th, 2018|Blog|

On April 24, 2018, Mahenaz Mahmud invited the ToffeeTV team was invited to PECHS Girls School. The significance of the invitation and performance was so great: to share messages about friendship, grief

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Amazing content in both English and Urdu They bring a good mix of humor, stories, songs and poems but I specially love the fact that they are promoting Urdu language. It is a fun way to keep kids engaged knowing that the content is really kid-friendly. Unlike random Youtube videos, you don’t have to worry in case of ToffeeTV that your kids will end up watching anything that is inappropriate for their age.

Fariha Ahktar Mangi

Best medium to promote your captures with Amazing Animations.

Xenab Essajee

The most creative tv channel for the young ones! Love it

Sonia Khan

doing great job to promote our national language as well as providing a great platform for our children to express their skills. my daughter has read a poem “hamdardi” for toffee tv which was a great experience for her and also boost her confidence level. Alot of appreciation for toffee tv.

Madiha Khalid

Super amazing page very informative and best for kids

Sarah Shah

Amazing platform for kids for expressing their Urdu/English poetic skills. .. Proud to see little angles promoting our Urdu language.. Well done toffeetv…

Muneba Shoaib Dawood

Toffee TV is an awesome page due to various reasons and one of the best reason is that it’s videos help children to learn nursery rhymes easily without any difficulty and secondly it’s also contain informative knowledge. God bless to admin for creating such an excellent page for young generation.

Fatima Hanif

I love ToffeeTV because its a unique and Urdu Website. I was looking for Urdu poems and stumbled acorss it. I found it to have the perfect combination of classical and modern Urdu poems. I live in America and want my kids to know Urdu. Thanks to ToffeeTV, my kids are learning the mahawaras and vocabulari without realizing it. Thank you so much ToffeeTV for a job well done. Keep up the good work!

Saman Rahimullah

You are doing wonderful job ! I really appreciate it. I always need Urdu and Sindhi poems for kids. Unfortunately there are few people working in this area and your work is very helpful for teachers like me who always need such videos for their lesson plans and children.

Sana Khatoon

I use ToffeeTV material in my class on a regluar basis. From Tongue Twisters to songs, these fun videos allow me to introduce different teaching methods to my students in each lesson – that is important. In a day and age where there is so much material available in English, I love ToffeeTV because it stresses a lot of importance on making Urdu fun. I love it. I encourage other teachers to also use it on a regular basis

Wasima Husan

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