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What is ToffeeTV All About?

Here’s a showreel of some of ToffeeTV’s work! Favorite


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ToffeeTV is a Curating Partner at WOW Karachi Festival

The WOW Karachi Festival will take place at the Beach Luxury on 1st May 2016. WOW Karachi is a one day festival celebrating women and girls, and looking at the obstacles they face from achieving their potential. At a time when female voices have become immensely powerful as a force for positive change, WOW Karachi brings …


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Rainbow Loomin’: Behind The Scenes

Have you watched the awesome shows Tara has been doing on Rainbow Loomin’ with Tara? Episodes are being watched on the ToffeeTV website and people are LOVING IT! Here’s a BEHIND THE SCENES account of how Team ToffeeTV worked with Tara to create the show! We also wanted to pay tribute to our friend and …


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ToffeeTV Celebrates Universal Children’s Day

November 20th is Universal Children’s Day. It is team ToffeeTV ‘s wish that children everywhere should be allowed to be exactly who they are: children. Let the heavy bookbags and worries enter their lives much later in their careers as human beings. Let’s enable and allow them to be what they are. Visit ToffeeTV’s Facebook page …


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Follow Our Social Sabzi’s!

If you like our Page on Facebook, you can follow updates from ToffeeTV’s Social Sabzi Series! Macho Mooli, Aqalmand Angoor and Bak Bak Baingan have some important updates to share with you! There is something new and funny everyday! And oh, if you like the stuff they say, be sure and share the posts with …


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Bookmarked: Movie Reviews – Promo

Looking for movie reviews? Stay tuned for a Bookmarked – The Movie Reviews, coming soon to the ToffeeTV website! Favorite


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Bookmarked Book Reviews – Promo

A new show carrying Book Reviews, coming soon to the ToffeeTV Website!!  Watch out for a new show coming on! If you love books, you will love this book review show! Say hi to our hosts, Eeshah and Sameen! Favorite


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Ramzan Series: Have you said Alhamdulillah today?

Happiness comes to those who appreciate their blessings. Allah loves gratitude and vows believers to stay thankful for whatever they are blessed with. When we thank the Almighty, we must do so with devotion and meaning. Here are the comics portraying the countless blessings one can earn by staying thankful in every situation. Favorite


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Ramzan Series: Traits of a Good Muslim

Good manners and noble moral qualities are the essentials of a Muslim. Islam always emphasizes on the good character of a person. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W says, ‘“The best among you are the ones with the best of manners”. Ramzan is the time when the believers are tested through fasting. Even during fasting for the entire …


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Ramzan Series: Prayer Is The Best Companion

Namaz is a practical implementation of thanking Allah for all His blessings. Saying the prayers regularly  strengthens our faith. Make a commitment to pray regularly even after the month of Ramzan. Here are some comics that show you the significance of namaz for everyone. Favorite


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Ramzan Series: Spread The Goodness

The holy month of Ramzan is about to end. This month comes in every year to remind the Muslims to turn to Allah and gather the blessings He showers us with. This Ramzan, let us all urge to perform deeds in accordance to Allah’s commands and try to be good Muslims. What is more important, …


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Ramzan Series: Friday Essentials

Friday has been regarded as the most special day for prayers. It is considered to be the most virtuous day in the sight of Allah. The Muslims who look forward for it anxiously and eagerly are graced with the blessings and benefits of friday. Thus we should make special preparations for Jummah prayers, recite Holy …


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Ramzan Series: True Essence of Ramzan

Ramzan is a month of spirituality, dignity and unity. Celebrated throughout the world, the real essence of Ramzan is often forgotten. It is a person’s quest to reform himself according to the teachings of Allah. Here are the comics portraying the routine we opt during Ramzan while reminding how small improvements can help the routine become more …


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Ramzan Series: Days & Nights

Ramzan is a great opportunity for children to learn just how useful and wonderful the day can be… and how important it is to have Sehri before keeping a fast. Here are two comics we put together to remind you of the importance of the day… and the need to have Sehri at night, before …


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ToffeeTV App Promo

The new version of the ToffeeTV app is available! The app features are: Installation is free; You can download each video into your app Click here to download the ToffeeTV App for Android Click here to download the ToffeeTV for iOS Favorite


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Rainbow Loomin’ with Tara: Coming Soon!

Young Tara is hosting her show called Rainbow Loomin’ with Tara, and will teach you how to make friendship bands and other fun stuff from Rainbow Looms! Keep an eye out for the episodes only on ToffeeTV!!   Favorite


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Upcoming Story Promo: Jhoot Ka Sir Neecha

Here’s a preview of an upcoming story that will be available on the ToffeeTV website, as well as the ToffeeTV Mobile Apps! Wait for it because We’re proudly presenting: Jhoot Ka Sir Neecha – Coming Soon to a screen near you! Favorite


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Download Videos onto Your Phone!

Based on a LOT of feedback, we are allowing users to buy and download ToffeeTV videos into their phones through our Apps! You can install ToffeeTV apps on your iOS and Android for Free, select the videos you want to download and purchase them. Make them yours forever! Here are the links to the Android app …


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Download Videos Onto Your Android!

Our users have been asking us to let them download videos, which has been a big decision for us to make. When we partnered with TuneTV to allow users to have a hassle-free web-streaming experience, we then worked with our partners to convert our apps to enable users to do just that: purchase individual videos …


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ToffeeTV and TuneTV

ToffeeTV is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with TuneTV. ToffeeTV CEO, Talea Zafar signed an agreement with TuneTV Chief Strategy Offier, Osman Nasir and will be distributing ToffeeTV videos for the web through the TuneTV platform. TuneTV will allow ToffeeTV videos to reach out to an even bigger, web-savvy audience. The ToffeeTV website’s subscription model …


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ToffeeTV CEO Signs a Message!

Take a look at ToffeeTV’s CEO, Talea Zafar, signing an important message. A special shout out to the team at DeafReach for the opportunity to sign it!     Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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ToffeeTV Session #3 at Mohatta Palace!

Here’s the video from ToffeeTV’s 3rd session at the Mohatta Palace on January 23, 2015. The theme was “Explore Our World” and we had Hira Ilyas Bawahab narrate the much-loved story of Podna Podni, had a fun SingAlong session followed by a thrilling Treasure Hunt around the Museum grounds! Children learned about the various explorers …


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ToffeeTV: Event#2 at Mohatta Palace

Take a look at all that we did during the 2nd ToffeeTV session at Mohatta Palace! This event took place on the January 17, 2015!   Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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ToffeeTV Goes to KHS!

ToffeeTV often goes to schools to conduct fun activities. Here was a recent visit we made to Karachi High School – Watch a summary of what happened there! If you are a school and wish to book a ToffeeTV session, please contact us at Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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How Could ToffeeTV Help Children Learn?

Tehmina is the Curriculum Coordinator with The Educators (A Beaconhouse School Project) in Lahore. She shared just why ToffeeTV will help students and teachers if included into the curriculum – Check it out! Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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Why Teach Kids Urdu? Fans Explain!

Why is it important for kids to learn Urdu? Some ToffeeTV fans dropped by our Photobooth at the Creative Karachi Festival and shared some thoughts! Write to us and let us know what your thoughts are by writing to us through our Contact Form!   Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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Principal Shagufta Loves ToffeeTV!

Shagufta Abbas is the Principal of a non-profit school called The Aman School. Here’s what she had to say after attending a ToffeeTV Session at the recent Teacher’s Literature Festival in Lahore! Do you use ToffeeTV? Write to us and let us know how! Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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Creative Karachi Festival Was Fun!!

The T2F team organized an incredible Creative Karachi Festival where they stuffed the best and most loved creative groups and stalls at the Alliance Francaise on the 29th and 30th of November – We’re so glad that ToffeeTV was invited to provide some great, live and inclusive entertainment for young children (who are so often …


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Aasma Mehmood, Lahore Lyceum Teacher

Here’s what Aasma Mehmood, a teacher with the Lahore Lyceum, had to say about the ToffeeTV session she attended at the Teacher’s Literature Festival in Lahore! Post by ToffeeTV. Favorite


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ToffeeTV at the Creative Karachi Festival

ToffeeTV is thrilled to be part of the Creative Karachi Festival, organized by T2F at at the Alliance Francaise! We’ve got a stall where we’re selling ToffeeTV Treats and Goodies, and a ToffeeTV SingAlong session in the Gazebo area on Sunday from 4:30pm to 5:15pm. Do join us and spread the word about the great …





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