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10 Green Bottles (New!)

A few years ago, we published a video of 10 Green Bottles in English and Urdu. People liked it so much, we decided to try our hand at creating a new video for both versions of the song. Here’s ToffeeTV’s 2013 version of 10 Green Bottles in English! Stay tuned to this space for the …


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چوُ چوُ چا چا (Choo Choo Chaa Chaa)

The Urdu version of Hickory Dickory Dock is a rhyme known as “Choo Choo Chaa Chaa”. As with many English-Urdu songs and rhymes on, we gave our own tune and style to this poem, and addedd a few verses to it as well! The lyrics for this song will be made available in Urdu …


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دھنک (Dhanak)

There are 7 beautiful colors in the rainbow (Dhanak in Urdu) and here’s a song to teach your children what they are in Urdu! They are Laal, Narangi, Peela, Hara, Neela, Neel aur Jaamni! Check it out! Order ToffeeTV merchandise online at Shopdaily! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids! Click here to download the ToffeeTV app for …


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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Arabic)

The ToffeeTV Translator, Sahar Sami, joins the team to introduce children’s songs in Arabic. And so we wanted to start off with a popular English and Urdu song called, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and introduce that through ToffeeTV. The tune is the same, so all you have to do is sing along, do the …


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دھوبی آیا (Dhobi Aayaa!)

This is one of those songs, which every Urdu-speaking child, big and small, knows. And that’s why ToffeeTV thought we should publish a fun and rockin’ version of it! Dhobi, or the gentleman that does all our laundry, is here! Sing along and let us know what you think of it! Lyrics (Urdu) دھوبی آیا …


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رنگ ہی رنگ (Rang Hi Rang)

The author, illustrator and ToffeeTV friend, Rumana Husain went through a number of her published works and read them out for ToffeeTV! While we work on the others, here’s one of the many she has recorded with us. This one is called, “Rang Hi Rang” and has been recorded and published with the author’s permission. …


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مچھلی کا بچّھ (Machli Ka Bachaa)

Here’s ToffeeTV’s version of a very popular Urdu poem called “Machli Ka Bachaa”. This poem is about the circle of life. Traditionally, the poem doesn’t have a tune or any music, but we thought it might be nice to give such sweet words, some musical support. And do let us know how you like our …


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مکڑی کا جالا (Makri Ka Jaalaa)

Here’s a fun song written by Nadir’s Dada jee called Makri Ka Jaalaa (Spider’s Web)! The song hopes to teach children how a few different insects travel – some fly, others crawl. As always, if you like the song, be sure and sing along! Lyrics in Urdu آؤ بچو ملکر دیکھیں مکڑی کا ایک جالا دیکھنے …


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The Umm Nyum Nyum Song

This is our special Umm Nyum Nyum Song and a song that teaches children the names of some fruits! Why have we called it the Umm Nyum Nyum Song? Well, our giggling squad loves fruit so much, if you listen closely to them during the song, they say, “Umm Nyum Nyum”. We thought Amal and …


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Naya Saal Mubarak!

ToffeeTV would like to wish you a Happy New Year with a song we’ve been working on! The lyrics were written to remind us of all the good things that each past year gives us, so that we can look forward to the new one. It’s meant to remind us not to just be hopeful …


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Here’s our version of a Happy Song called Baarish. And because it makes us so happy, we’re dedicating it to our friend and ToffeeTeller, Huzefa Ali, who will be missing in action for a while during his pursuit of higher studies. The connection is so simple: The song makes us happy, as does our friend. …


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Yeh Watan – A 14th August Special

The ToffeeTV team always tries to create and share songs for the many beautiful occasions we celebrate. Here’s a 14th August special we wrote and produced for as our thank you to all the little people that follow us. And who are all these ‘little people’ we are referring to? These are the young generation …


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Khoobsurat Zindagi

When the ToffeeTV YouTube Channel was approaching a million views, we decided to write a song that would help thank all the millions of eyeballs that were connected with us. And this was the song we penned. It’s called Khoobsurat Zindagi because we know the world around us, at least inside of the Toffee Factory …


15 Jun · tales · 4 Comments

AaaBoo – A Father’s Day Song

Here’s a special song the ToffeeTV team made, which is our way of helping you bring something sweet into your Father’s Day! And oh!! Have you seen the Father’s Day fridge magnets we’re selling to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Karachi? If not, you can still order them from here! Lyrics: Uper …


10 May · tales · 4 Comments

Are You Sleeping? (Urdu Version)

Here’s the Urdu version of the French song, “Frere Jacques”. Most of you may simply know it in English as “Are You Sleeping?” As the other versions make their way up online at ToffeeTV, take a listen to the cute little Urdu version of the song! Lyrics: Aap so rahey hain, Aap so rahey hain, …


25 Apr · tales · 3 Comments

The Hokey Pokey Song (English & Urdu!)

There is a popular children’s song in English that teaches you the difference between left and right. It’s called “The Hokey Pokey Song”. In this version, we are singing the English as well as the Urdu translation which ToffeeTV wrote. So enjoy The English and Urdu versions of The Hokey Pokey Song and enjoy the …


24 Apr · tales · 2 Comments

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Urdu and English)

Many songs available on ToffeeTV are translations from popular English songs and rhymes and we sing some of these in multiple languages so children can see how similar we all are! This song contains the Urdu and English version of, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Enjoy and don’t forget to sing along! In case you …


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The Hokey Pokey Song (Urdu)

There is a popular children’s song in English that teaches you the difference between left and right. It’s called “The Hokey Pokey Song”. We translated the simple song and sang it in Urdu, naming it “Bus Itni Si Baat Tho Hai!” Enjoy the song… and the dancing sponge! Lyrics: Apna daaya haath daalo, Apna daaya …


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Wheels on the Bus (Urdu Version)

Here is the Urdu version of a popular English song, “Wheels on the Bus”. We sing it as “Bus Kay Payyay Ghoomtay Hain Gol Gol Gol”. We sincerely hope you enjoy it… And if you do, please let us know by writing to us through the Contact section of this website! Favorite


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Celebrating 23rd March with ToffeeTV!

The ToffeeTV Team wanted to share a few of their favorite National songs with children on the special day of 23rd March. A significant day in the history of the country, here is a medley of these brilliant songs… we’re not singing as well as the original versions, but we couldn’t let the day pass …


14 Mar · tales · 2 Comments

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Urdu Version!)

Here’s the Urdu version of a popular English song called, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. This is such a fun way to teach your kids different parts of the body, and we decided to write and sing the song in Urdu. So here it is, ToffeeTV’s version of “Sir, Khandhay, Ghutnay aur Pair!” Let us …


17 Feb · tales · One Comment

Meray Pass Eik Bakri Hai!

This is ToffeeTV’s version of the popular English rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”! We re-wrote it a bit and call this one, “Meray Pass Eik Bakri Hai!” – Listen to it and see if you like it.. And if you do, then be sure and sing along!! Lyrics: Meray pass eik bakri hai, bakri …


28 Jan · tales · 3 Comments

Kali Kali Bakriyan!

Here’s ToffeeTV’s version of the popular English nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep. We wanted to try a different tune and found it rather catchy, but we did alter the original lyrics a bit to fit the song! Take a listen and sing along! As always, do let us know what you thought! Lyrics: Kaali …


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Here’s a ToffeeTV song about colors! Lyrics: Neela, gulabi, laal, hara, Saaray kitnay pyaaray hay rang, Peela aur jaamni Bhura bhi, Saath meray gaao yeh dhun Kala, safaid, gulabi, laal jaamni aur narangi Rangeen nazareh aur samah, Har taraff meri dunya mey Neela, gulabi, laal, hara, Saaray kitnay pyaaray hay rang, Peela aur jaamni Bhura …


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Utho Beta!

This is a popular Urdu song about a young child who just doesn’t want to wake up. It’s called “Utho Beta” which means “Wake up Little One!” Favorite


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Aaloo Mian, Aaloo Mian!

Here’s ToffeeTV’s “tango-vised” version of the ever-popular, Aaloo Mian! Enjoy! Favorite


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Row Row Row Your Boat (Urdu)

Here’s a fun song written by ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator, Talea Zafar, called Chappoo Chalao, sung to the tune of “Row row row your boat!” And in case you’re wondering, this type of singing where 2 or 3 voices echo one another, is called a “round”. Try it  and sing along! Oh – and can you …


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Eik Do Teen!

A really simple song to help you count from 1 to 20 in Urdu, forwards and backwards! Lyrics: Eik, do teen, chaar paanch chhay, saath aatth nau dus gyaaraa baaraa, tera, chauda, pandra sola satra, atthaaraa unneess aur bees; Bees unneess, atthaaraa, satra sola pandra chuauda tera baaraa gyaaraa, dus nau aatth saath chhay, paanch …


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The Doobi Doobi Shapes Song (Urdu)

Do you know what shapes are called in Urdu? Here’s a simple song that teaches you the names of Circle, Oval, Triangle, Square and Pentagon in Urdu! Enjoy and sing along! Favorite


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Lal Batti, Lal Batti

Here’s the Urdu version of the popular English song, “Red light, Red light what do you say?”, which teaches children about what the different colors in a traffic light mean. Favorite





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