Sprinkles and Magic with Abeer: Episode 1

In this episode of Sprinkles & Magic with Abeer, our super-talented chef Abeer teaches you how to make a super-duper-delicious Banana Split! Check out the ingredients and see if you can make it too! And if you do, be sure and send her a photograph of […]

Sprinkles & Magic with Abeer – Promo

Sprinkles & Magic is a brand new show on ToffeeTV where young Chef Abeer teaches you some fun snacks and desserts you can make and bake on your own! Check it out!! Connect with us through our Facebook page or our tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page!

چنا منا دو چوزے تھے

For many of its productions, the ToffeeTV team aspires to create songs out of traditional Urdu poems, in an effort to make the Urdu more fun and enjoyable. Chunna Munna Do Choozey They has some great lyrics, but before now, didn’t have a song. So […]

Stop and Say Eid Mubarak!

Here’s a stop-motion animated video where ToffeeTV’s Jute men & women share the glorious feeling felt when the moon is sighted after the month of Ramzan. Just like these little people are doing, be sure and share the love, blessings and the goodness of each […]

The Mother’s Day Song

Here’s a Mother’s Day Special that the ToffeeTV team has put together – A dedication to the special and wonderful “mutters” everywhere! Lyrics: Alif sey Ami, Meem sey Mama, Yey sey yeh hamari hain (x2) Ami jab hansti hain tho, sub kuch bilkul acha lagta […]

ToffeeTV is a Curating Partner at WOW Karachi Festival

The WOW Karachi Festival will take place at the Beach Luxury on 1st May 2016. WOW Karachi is a one day festival celebrating women and girls, and looking at the obstacles they face from achieving their potential. At a time when female voices have become immensely […]

5 Little Monkeys – German and Urdu!

You probably know this rhyme in English, but the ToffeeTV team takes a little help from young Tara, to teach this song to you in German.. and Urdu! Enjoy!!