Ramzan Series: True Essence of Ramzan

Ramzan is a month of spirituality, dignity and unity. Celebrated throughout the world, the real essence of Ramzan is often forgotten. It is a person’s quest to reform himself according to the teachings of Allah. Here are the comics portraying the routine we opt during Ramzan while reminding how small improvements can help the routine become more productive.

  1. Have Sehri;
  2. Sleep less. Pray more;
  3. Balance your day with work and prayer;
  4. Spend your time wisely;
  5. Struggle to be considerate and behave cordially with others;
  6. Remember to share the blessings of Iftar with others around you.

It should your hope that the ‘month-long practice’ of these virtues helps to bring this goodness into your daily routine around the year.

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