This is a story called Gumshuda Anguthi, part of the Alif Laila Series, and a very special one for the ToffeeTV Team. We recorded the audio for this story with the help of the Karachi High School almost 2 years ago. There are two student voices you will hear, Sarim and Hiba, along with the voice of Mrs. Parveen Kassim who passed away in July of 2012. This is one of the last recordings we have of Mrs. Kassim’s incredible voice and personality and it has taken us this long to publish this story simply because we miss her tremendously.

While you might find the story something extremely ordinary to share with your young kids and students, we just find this production an incredible opportunity where we were able to document our beautiful storyteller and hopefully play our part in spreading her love for stories and storytelling, to people around the world.

This story was originally published in print by Salam Education Books.

If you’d like to watch our original version of this song, you can click here.

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  2. Furat Murtaza

    May God bless her soul… Lovely voice and lovely narration…

  3. We like this story.Thankyou for ake a new story

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