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Stop and Say Eid Mubarak!

Here’s a stop-motion animated video where ToffeeTV’s Jute men & women share the glorious feeling felt when the moon is sighted after the month of Ramzan. Just like these little people are doing, be sure and share the love, blessings and the goodness of each day, with everyone around you! So stop and say Eid ...

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Furat Murtaza

Wonderful work being done here. I am sending this link to all my relatives who have children. I also tend to use this for my school!

Sana Khatoon

You are doing a wonderful job! I really appreciate it. I always need Urdu and Sindhi poems for kids and your work is very helpful for teachers like me

Saman Rahimullah

I love ToffeeTV because it is a unique and fun website with the perfect combination of classical and modern Urdu poems. I live in America and want my kids to know Urdu. Thanks to ToffeeTV, my kids are learning the muhaavras and vocabulary without realizing it

Fiza Asar, ToffeeTV Fan

Absolutely love what you do!! Have been watching the videos for a year or two now. One of my favourites from your store is 'Karachi-Lahore-Islamabad' illustrated map you have come up with - it is so gorgeously and creatively put together, packs up just fine and in time I intend to get it framed and hung on my wall!



Welcome to ToffeeTV!

So it’s finally happened. ToffeeTV has finally happened. If you want to find out about us, please visit the About Us section, but the purpose of this blog post is to just announce that this is a big day for us, and we’d love it if you would be part of our experience. When you ...

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Independence Day Works and Other Tweaks

Boy it’s been crazy here at the ToffeeTV Factory. Tales and I have been pushing out nursery rhymes, stories, songs and fun activities and the feedback has been great! So thank you for that! Favorite

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ToffeeTV Has a Nokia App!

A lot of you have been writing in asking if we had any plans to go mobile, and it’s finally time to make the announcement – ToffeeTV is available on the Nokia OVI store and you can download us here! Favorite

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Kahaani Time and Poppy’s Kitchen at T2F: Wow!!

Lots of things happened on September 25, 2011. One of these “things” was when more than 75 people gathered at T2F to listen to a story told by Sania Saeed. The ToffeeTV team put together a Kahaani Time, a storytelling session where we wanted to get one simple SOS message across: Save Our Stories! Storytelling ...

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Another Sunday, Another Kahaani Time!

After the success of the first Kahaani Time with Sania Saeed which ToffeeTV hosted with the help of T2F, we gathered another group of 80 parents and children for another interactive storytelling session. A Sunday midday activity, parents and young kids not only listened to a great story told by Sania but also helped her ...

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Young kids paint ToffeeTV

Little kids paint ToffeeTV with chalk at an event with Sooch. For more pictures and updates log onto ToffeeTV.com, or like us on Facebook.   Favorite

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Fridge Magnets and a Social Cause

ToffeeTV has taken up its second social cause: the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Karachi. As part of our first awareness building activity, we’re raising funds through proceeds generated through sale of Father’s Day fridge magnets. You can buy these for Rs.100 at Espresso outlets in Karachi, or if you want, online at our virtual storefront ...

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Dawn Features ToffeeTV

The team from Dawn.com dropped by the Toffee Factory and did a wonderful video feature on us! A special thank you for them since their timing coincided with our milestone of crossing 1 million views on our YouTube channel! Here’s the clip they published about us! Favorite

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